PocketShrink™ – diagnose your self

More than 4,400 people have used PocketShrink™ so far.

Are you facing a mental health concern or do you have concerns regarding someone you know?

Mental health professionals are qualified to diagnose mental health conditions, however, there are some symptoms which you may have noticed in yourself or someone close to you that might be an early warning of a mental health problem. PocketShrink™ is an easy to use application that gives a quick indication of whether a user may be suffering from a particular mental health disorder. The user can choose any one of a series of apps (available from the iTunes store) that is appropriate to them or that they are curious about. For example a user might choose to test whether their child (or themselves) has – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The app gives a brief description of the disorder (with more detail available in the ‘More info’ section) and then tests the user on whether they may have the disorder. The application is designed to be an early warning system rather than a comprehensive assessment of one’s mental health. If PocketShrink™’s diagnosis indicates that you have one of these disorders then you should go and get a professional diagnoses from a properly qualified health professional such as a registered psychologist or a psychiatrist.

When you have completed the test of your choice, you will be offered the option of submitting your answers and seeing how your results compare with those of others who have previously done that particular test. Your results will be presented in graph form so that you are able to see where your results sit in relation to all the other people who have also used that same test. Your information is secure and your identity is anonymous (even to us).

PocketShrink™ is based on an amalgamation of the best research, clinical experience and currently accepted diagnostic criteria. It has been developed by a qualified, registered psychologist with a doctorate in Neuroscience to help you to recognise and understand more about the symptoms of various mental health conditions. Many of us wonder from time to time whether our moods, worries or anxieties are signs of mental disorder. The PocketShrink™ app can help alleviate some of these worries by giving you the information you need.